you're right.
i am photographer.
An amateur photographer.
so why i 'm really happy?
really really really happy.
because you've teach me about the real LOVE
your smile,your eyes, your lips.
gonna make me happy and crazy every day.

one day..
i felt like want to give up to loving you.
because i scared it will hurt you.
and you may leave me.
A L O N E.
i don't want it's happen and ruin my day when i with you.
and i talk to my heart.
you're mine.
of course will be mine.
so i try to love you other way.
never give up to make you LOVE me.

my 'effort' finally replies by you.
you accept my 'proposal'.
you smile and said "yes,i want you to be part of me!"
i know,
maybe it is the hardest part to you to said like that right :)

from the beginning i saw you, i find you,until we know each other.
i never regret when you're 'stay' with me.
the way that you love me.

so there is the beautiful 'picture' that i never had.
the picture that i never taken as a photographer.

I LOVE YOU. because of this 'picture'. +you're so beautiful ,hehe

*to my tonggek :)

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